I'm amazed at how good XAM sounds live. And I love the addition of the background singers. It feels totally complete now, live. Tremendous.

    Los amooo! Me encanta toda la canción!

    Once again, you know you are a top vocalist when you sound better live then on the album!


    This song touches me on another level. I want to walk , run … Sing ing this song until I'm breathless . whoa boy.

    Hey Vsau…
    Oh. Wrong video…

    Johnny sins singer ?

    His dancing is like…. almost identical to Troye Sivan's. lol

    Sam. Sweet dear baby Jesus, what the fuck are you wearing? It's like some 1985 Michael Jackson jacket. lol

    no words. .

    underrated bands always has the best songs

    Adam, you're amazing!!! I love this band because of how different they are, and they don't go along with the crowd. Who agrees?

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