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    No self to help. Also self improvement is effectively 'pulling yourself up by the bootstraps' and I'm talking about the original intention of the phrase here.

    How does this mesh with the idea of constantly expanding your personality, constantly moving up your identity and having the frame of saying I am already awesome but always wanting more and seeing there is no limit to your growth? Once you have realised that you 'already there', how do we approach the paradigm of pushing ourselves to become better and face our fears?

    Sorry for this but i just came to say that : Even watching rsd videos is a waste of time in the long run..there where times when me and my friends were confused and miserable due to taking some of the things we heard from rsd videos too seriously..I got a lot of useful things btw from these guys but i believe that sticking to taking action and reading a good book here and there is all you need..We already know everything man..

    Self help channel posts self help is a waste of time. Lame. Click bait. I like Julien but these titles are retarded.

    Barbell Shrugged

    Lets get this shit on the Sunshine Coast!
    I'll do whatever it takes 😀

    Hahahaha "This should be your wake up call" Yep Definitely! So much quicksand here 😛

    the gal in the back is slowly zoning in and feeling what she‘s guilty of . Your work is the best bro

    Lol, that girl on the left getting redpilled as she listens. Amusing.

    Does that mean you first have to "reach the maximum" on optimization (step 1) before you can do step 2?

    True to me. I saturate myself with information and various method until I am full and then fuck it off. It's a way of letting my unconscious digest and integrate. And then…

    This dude very fukn smart

    what's the name of the tune he is using? at the intro?..

    This way you will reach 10/10. Which is great. But then you will see human beings are made to go 11/10…We wanna be overwhelmed into even higher hights. That's why I'm glad I found God. So i can build on an ever growing foundation.

    But why have external optimization be the first step? Why not go straight to the root from the beginning?

    I just need to know how you have no accent, being from Switzerland.

    Hey @JulienHimself. Dude, what you talk about here is so powerful. I used to be in the 3/10 or max 6/10 state. But 10/10 state is not someplace to go to, it is a place to come from. And this is so powerful. The world of Transformation!

    Self help eventually becomes self sabotage

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