The transitive property has no sense of forwards or backwards.

    stupid question..Belichick never won a Super Bowl without Brady..7 full seasons without Brady..1 playoff appearance, zero rings

    Yes, interesting question. Assuming Tannehill/Dalton is around the 15th best QB that is probably the cut off line. But, it is entirely possible (given that the Pats should have lost the SB) that they need a top 6-8 QB so that would be Brees/Rivers as a cut off. And remember we are talking this season, that's why I have Brees out of the top 5.

    Well, they'd have to be better than Cassel.

    Belichick coaches the defense, not the offense.

    Hate equation:


    Brady is a system qb

    Brady is a system qb

    really? in 2008, bellichick w matt cassel(who is pretty good btw, went to the playoffs and probowl w the chiefs), w virtually the same team that went 18-1 the previous year couldnt even make the playoffs. and now your asking if w an inferior team they could go to the superbowl? lol

    This question is so offensive to Tom Brady. Brady made belichick.

    He BARELY won the last two with Brady

    Cutler couldn't win a super bowl with top 5 of the best coaches to ever live

    Are we talking WINNING? To win a Super Bowl the only QB is Tom, tell me one other QB that could come down from 28 points and win the game with an almost perfect QBR In the 4th and overtime. Getting to the Super Bowl? If there's a salary cap then Tom Brady only. You take Rodgers and his contract, that's two three guys that were on the super bowl team that will not be there cause of his contract and mid you that the patriots only won by 6 points and was tied at the end of regulation. So you don't have a devin McCourty Nate solder and or Julian Edelman the patriots lose that Super Bowl. The only QB that can win the Super Bowl with Bill is Tom because of his contract, dudes MAKES LESS Then ANDY DALTON. Until you see bill go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl by 50 points he CANNOT win with another QB

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