White Noise Sounds of Frozen Arctic Ocean with Polar Icebreaker Idling – Creating Delta Waves

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    The video relates to about 1% of the comments, peaceful and relaxing.

    I was waiting for davey jones to appear at any second ..

    this is actually really…scary

    Feels profoundly lonely.

    I love this, the sound of the strong chilly wind, the ice cracking and moving around, the snow falling on the ship, just soothing.

    Honestly though dont know if this is real footage, but it would be sweet if it was, however the angle it was shot makes it seem like there was someone standing on top of the frozen ocean to shoot the ship in that angle. But I dont know, dont mind me I smoked before watching this.

    Very relaxing I love this! Thank you!

    not long enough.

    is there a source for a condensed loop I could download?

    oh wow I can't believe it Titanic part 4 Full movie on YouTube. watching this right now. THANKS

    this is making me

    Are they stuck there? Why aren't we helping them?


    This hit's so close to the night shifts I worked on the railroad (minus the cracking ice sound of course, haha). After we rushed and got all the work done, we would just sit on the locomotives, our legs propped up, heaters cranked on max, and take a good nap. I miss those days.

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