What’s Staking Episode 1: B3 Coin

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    how can i mine with a laptop? does it worth?


    WTF =(

    Hello B3 @ 1 sat now, any hope moon

    Do I have to leave my computer on and wallet running while staking in the pool?

    we need to open wallet when we staking right ?( open computer)

    I have been staking for a couple of days now, my weight is 8600000 and network weight is 20048, what does this mean? Can someone please explain, I haven't received any stake yet from last 2 days.

    Im thinking the masternodes may be worth a TON of coins because the price keeps dropping so much.

    I have 700,000 B3. Have been staking for 4 days without a single reward. Should I continue or am I wasting time and should get int he pool?

    I've been staking 65K coins for about 5 days now and no additional coins have shown up in my wallet??? I have added the peer and config files to my wallet, I get up to 35 connections and it says its staking…but no coins coming in???

    i hope people will actually hold their coins once it hits 80k.

    Hello! can you help me? to with 8k B3 in stake 16 days with 3700 confimation and still have not received the stake, need this 24 hours computer on? because 2 in 2 days I give a rest of 2 hours in the computer then I call and I leave …

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