I heard this song once on Instagram and now I’m absolutely hooked. & obsessed. Good shit y’all. Keep making music that we can relate too ✨

    Can't wait till y'all get more exposure, all deserve it

    You guys are amazing, what a great sound!

    that girl has got a fantastic voice

    ALL GAS NO BREAKS! please don't slow down this is fucking special!

    Reminds me of rage against the machine

    It was amazing seeing you guys at tropicalia!


    love it <3

    Love this jam!

    Fucking amazing!!!


    Fuxking love it!!!!

    Y'all are so inspirational and your words are so relatable .
     Weapons Of Mass Creation tackling systems of colonization….W O M C for all the world to see.   Super stoked to see y'all at Tropicalia.

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