These stupid bastards don't know the difference between BBQ Sauce and Ketchup . So why would anyone take their advice on anything ?

    who the duck puts vinager based BBQ sauce on a dam hot dog? where the hell are they from?

    pulled pork over the holidays with potato bun


    have had them both, the carolina kicks Texas ass in taste and spice

    Is this new line of pitmasters on par with Stubb's?

    You do realize this is not ketchup… right? It isn't for fries….

    Chicken and Pork…

    the vinegar based is good on pulled pork or any fried potatoes but u only need a light brushing of the vinger sauce

    Do you know you spilled the vinegar heavy ketchup sauce? Lol

    You guys gotta try the other 2 flavors.

    It tweaks my OCD that you never did the other two.

    What are those?!

    and carolina style bbq/ketchup is for pulled pork 🙂

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