are we sure that's not Robert Smith on guitar!!!!! Such emotional music! Great stuff.

    linda demais

    Nothing like after getting lost….being found!

    just take this candle to see how i feel everytime i think of you 🙁 ( R.I.P Monique Krijgsman 2015. ik zal ERG je missen)

    I love the ending of this song.

    I just found this song after watching some random surfing video. What an awesome song. I've never heard it before.

    step into liquid, me too

    Awesome song.

    goooooooooood band!

    Step Into Liquid brought me here!

    I had all their albums, this is by far one of their best sounding songs.

    deep lyrics, I like it

    4 ppl are deaf

    this is the nuimber one underrated BAND in the world !!!

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