don't like getting modules in super container in WoWS… what do I use extended aa time for… when I never meet cv in my aa ships…

    Fuck EA they don't deserve any of our money

    Are your videos being Demonetized?

    EU only… šŸ™

    Noster beware Comcast Business Class Internet. I have heard stories it is also slow at times and you are not guaranteed advertised speeds. I suggest you look into more professional dedicated service. Comcast is the worst for work.

    haha, im gonna purchase Battlefront 2 for the same reason, Campaign!

    Honestly, FPS games are all reskins now. It's a copy-paste festival for people who keep jerking off a franchise title.

    Unless it's new content like Battlefield 1 was, I have no desire to play it. People want new crap, not the same thing over and over and over again.

    Comcast sucks

    If you asked the average, hard working WG staff member, if it was all about the money, they'd almost universally say, "of course not! The focus is to provide you a great product and we take pride in that!" …and they'd be sincere! This points out the polarization between WG employees and management. Management wants to give the impression that it's all about the customer and the poor employees probably have it rammed down throat in every meeting. Meanwhile, with their other hand, management continuously engineers clownish schemes which boost profit margins while degrading the enjoyment of game. When you think about it, is Warships really any better today, with regards to balance and overall fun factor that it was 24 months ago? I really have to say, no, it isn't. It feels more unbalanced and less enjoyable now than it ever has. CV's are a joke, BB's are mostly OP, Clan Wars structure is a disgrace, DD's are less relevant everyday, and they still don't have a rudimentary credit income for spotting. It's all upside down.

    I know you want to try different games, but PLEASE don't participate in a broken system. The only way the publishers will listen is with your wallet. Let the publishers know that we don't want these types of games.

    It's sad to see computer games turn into gambling games. Like we're at the casino or fairground being bated to win something knowing all they are doing to you is grabbing much money from you as possible. Computer games was never about gambling but playing a game made by people with a soul and passion and for us to enjoy that experience.

    Hey notser have you ever considered AT&T's GPON service it is fiber to the house. i have 100 meg up and 100 meg down. It is fantastic. Just a thought.

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