I am sure you'll learn about workouts if you'll read Unflexal handbook from cover to cover 🙂

    dude my weaker side is getting a pump while the stronger isnt. i guess im good

    I have exactly this problem. I'll try that rubberband trick.

    Sir ..please help me..I beg u ..my full left side of the body is smaller n weaker than my right ..maybe it be biceps , back,chest..any part of my left side..its easily noticeable by everyone..sir my left side is very very smaller ..compared to right..sir please tell..I'm afraid ..SAHIL

    wows this some really good tip.

    thanks  really helpful info

    Hi, can you help me with advice please? I have had a long standing injury to the left side of my low back. Now that the pain is mostly gone, when I go to the gym, I notice that my right side gets highly activated, while my left side doesn't fire AT ALL. And this goes equally for the low back, the obliques and the glutes on the left–they are severely lagging and the right side has been bearing the brunt of my workouts. Now recently, the left side pain has significantly subsided, however, I have started having right side back pain to do overstraining the muscles on that side. What do you suggest I do? I tried doing the dumbbell RDLs, but I am not sure which side works more than the other in those, and in which hand I should hold the dummbell to get an effective exercise for my left side while allowing the right side to rest and recover. Any exercise that engage the whole left side of the body while minimally engaging the opposite side would be very helpful. Thank you so much!!!

    how would you do this for the chest?

    Wow I use the same resistance bands,thanks for the tip I have the same problem with one of my lats, one is getting more bigger than the other one.

    Thanks for tip Lee

    Thanks man, really helped me out 🙂

    Hello! I'm very afraid, 🙁 I've started to do pushups and plank at home, I've practically never done any upper body exercises before, and I seem to have good genes, since my torso has become like 3 inches wider in a couple of weeks. But my Lats have developed very unevenly, and it is much bigger on my right side. I don't have access to any tools, can you give me any tips to even them out? If it can be to any help, I'm 16 and skinny.

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