this must be a joke

    Wow, he's very pro Yid, for a Nazi.

    I don’t understand how jews whos DNA is European claim it as their ancester land ?

    God will protect us with his own hand Amén

    I don't know any Jews or American's that asked for this to happen?

    Freedom of worship, but we sterilise you when you enter the country first!

    Just another way for American government to get thousands killed if not more.

    Israel has this household's support, and prayers,all ways

    zionism and anti-semitism finds another uncomfortable marriage bed. thank god every single decent jewish person i know opposes zionism and specially the criminal israeli government.

    so happy i voted for a man who finally has balls

    I think the Israeli leadership should come to its senses and make peace with the Palestinians, and make one big country where everyone is equal, both Jew and Palestinian, and they can try to live together in peace, I think that's the best solution. This thing about Jerusalem being called the capital of Israel is a bunch of BS, the real issue is that the Israelis and the Palestinians should come and live together, as equals and form one country in peace.

    Why all Anerican presidents being zionist jew?

    All arabs and turks are butthurt long live Israel long live America

    Muslims and Christians fought so many times for Jerusalem in history. But at the end Jews are the owner of Jerusalem 😀

    Isn't that the guy who is getting sick of his mother always bringing up his older Hero brother at family dinners, so now he wants something for himself Netanyahu?

    Arabs are the terrorists

    When has Abbas ever promoted peace?

    Arabs being impulsive and irrational as usual that's why they fail in the long run. This move will benefit them more since it's an opportunity for them to engage directly and continuously with Israel and get rid of the extremist groups once and for all.

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