Travis tritt kicks ass

    one more like and thats a leap year

    My grandpa has an old jukebox, and we always play this song; it's tradition. We refer to the song as J7 because that's its code on the jukebox.


    This is my favorite song

    At least we don't have to take the Confederate Flag off here……YET.

    Look out Confederate Railroad,the Bo-rock HUSSEIN obama  Politically Correctiveness Patrol is going to demand that they you change your name.

    pardon me son that aint no kid! that's a cocktail waitress in a dolly parton wig (: i love that part!

    Yee frickin' haw!

    if you go to CR official website the original video is there… not as funny as i remember…. but the mind is always the first thing to go

    i seen it back in the day…. dressed in drag…. it was funny

    still looking for the official video for this song…

    im real shallow when it comes to dames 10-4

    i can relate to this song 10fukn4 #55

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