Question is, can ditto turn into rayquaza and fuse with mismagius?

    Can you get dunsparce?

    I always thought az’s floette was like so special cuz it’s like 3000 years old so it’s like different from Pokémon of day

    What about pink rhyhorn

    I love Pokemon

    What about the gigantic Dragonite?????

    The Groudon is the primal form. Groudon plus red stone and you got it.


    I was just thinking, the Virus Groudon could have been kinda like a set of blue prints for Primal Groudon.

    There was a give out for azs floette

    It's a pokemon

    how can I get the game? plz inform me. and I need reyquaza

    Mega Maquaza

    The Pokémon’s we will never get are….. Region exclusives.

    #5 is also in the new movie I Choose You (sorry if I spoiled it to anyone reading).

    I’m going to be really honest… I want that Groudon… I don’t care if it’s evil. I’ll do ANYTHING to gain control over it if it means I could have such power… whatever it takes…


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