Top 10 Hardest Event Pokemon to Obtain Part 1 Feat. Supra

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    my best friend still has his Jirachi from Pokemon Colosseum

    I used to have shiny mew


    or you use cheats to catch them :]

    You guys are best!!!

    My brother had darkrai

    where is arceus

    Nahhhhhh I'll just stick to my pokebuilder >:)

    There was another method of getting jurachi because I got one this way during the 10th anniversary at space center Houston they gave away many Pokemon like jurachi and the starters that's where I got mine

    You can get them by HAXorusing
    Get it

    gen 2 not gen 3

    do you think mysticumbreon knows kung-fu?

    void glitch shamin and darcry

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