Welp I’m screwed

    Anyone else came here cuz they gotta get this? I wanted to know if it’ll be painful

    I didn't have a problem with any of this, not the shot not the blue glue, but the only thing that made this scary for me was the smell. Omg, I don't even know where to start with the smell, it was horrendous. Burning teeth doesn't smell good, so be prepared for the future, the laughing gas would've helped me but it makes me dizzy. So, gets those clips ready to put over your nose and good luck!

    I did it yesterday lol I had three!!! I have a question for everyone!!! Did your cavity filling come out?

    I had a cavity and then they drilled it out and it hurt a lot and then they filled it up

    Stuff that !!!!

    We do filling without anesthesia….

    If you’re scared, don’t be. I just got four cavities filled in today and the only thing that hurt was the kneedle. The dentists might put some numbing gel in your mouth so you won’t even feel a thing. Don’t worry!

    I hate the drill

    My dentist was so mean to me I told her my jaw hurt and she kept yelling at me to open my mouth up really wide but my mouth wouldn't let me. I really tried my best.

    I just got done with mine about 4 minutes ago

    Should someone be afraid of getting fillings?

    Last time I got a filling they put so much numbing gel in my mouth (I also got a tooth pulled since I was 9 lol) that my fave got bruised on the side I got my filling

    I just had a filling when again did the enject Such Satan sauce in my gums

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