I hope you guys are excited and keep up with this challenge 😀


    I know I'm late but your woman looks like a Barbie doll. (I'm not a fan of that.) I know you don't care but I think all these "beauty standards" and fashion crap makes young girls feel ugly even if they are not.

    Looks good thatsweetsimmr

    Who's watching this in 2018??

    nicole abby any niky these are my names

    Is Sims 4 on steam? I don't see it in steam, only Sims 3 :/

    I think mabye Hayley or hallie
    Or mango or mangle or mange

    EXCUSE MEH , actually that guy was my husband he actually cheated with every girls.

    Lol I'm watching in 2018

    Who is wztching in 2018? Type: _.^_. If so.

    Lilly and jenna

    im going to take your from the gallery if it show up

    the first guy sims named don is my fiance in the sims 4 lol

    I really like watching your baby vids.

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