Why is norcda childa using a 2.1 UFO and not a 2.11 UFO?


    Why is there one of the comments have black bar?

    On April 1st will the weekly demon be erebus(or whatever the top demon is then)?

    Brother I'm latin and i like your vídeos. It's so amazing <3

    I'm doing the new weekly one currently (can't remember the name) and I can't get past 72%, the dual icon robot part


    Your weekly demon: Bloodbath

    Me: I'm done…

    NORCDA WERE IS DA QNA???!!!?!!

    Lol still not the weekly demon.

    I hate being a mobile player

    if this was the first one it would have lasted for the entire week, not just for a few hours.

    Nice scissors ship

    hmmmmmmmmñmmmmmmmmmmm no 2.11 4 m0bile


    RIP Mobile players like me

    Come to duccy :^)

    the game insults you now nice crash lol

    Hey everyone! So if you did not know,Robtop has bassicly come out and said it is more than likely that the newest update 2.11 will not come to mobile. Instead he said he will more than likely add it to 2.2 in 1 update which will be coming in 1 month or 3-4 weeks. Thx!

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