Love this

    watched this in class today, great video. thank you!!

    Love it!

    i wish i found you yesterday because my test was yesterday lol

    Mr betts can you make a parity of the Pokemon theme song

    How long does this take to make?

    This is my favourite by far.

    Have you ever thought about using a mic so there's less of an echo

    I love you we listen to u at school in 5th grade your soooo funny

    Watched this in history today couple hours after it was posted, my history teacher is always overly excited for new videos haha

    This is a really good parody. The rhymes in this one are actually really great with my favorite part being 1:001:09. However, the was one part I felt was pretty forced (1:111:20) and really not the highlight of the song. The self advertisement at 2:23 came right the heck out of nowhere but it's actually way too fitting for this song. This is honestly my second favorite one you've done this year (I prefer your Empire State of Mind one). Nice.

    no he din't

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