cringe banter

    I hate the way Americans say, Banteeeer!

    Thank you corey, you changed my life, getting the girl I want so much in bed.

    This guy is great.

    Great video Coach! 🙂 I have a question: What if I banter with a girl like 80 percent of the time? Would that be anti-attraction?

    What am I cooking? For you Kielabasa. For me, red snapper.

    Awwww I been getting it all wrong…… I've been 90% Naughty Boy and 10% James Bond…….

    thanks for the tips

    its kind of like twister but we're both naked lol

    i think its funnier when you reply with less words, so for the sign one, she would say 'do you want me to wear a sign so you can find me?', james bond would say "Just the sign?"

    When I started about indoor olympics she thought I meant she looked like a female shot putter.

    I don't know man, far be it from me to step on your thing but I think that being quick witted is something that's inculcated in you during your formative years and by the time you're a grown up you either have it or you don't. I am open to being proved wrong however (particularly for your business and for the sake of those who aren't). I'd say if you're going to hone your skills, practice among family or good friends you're comfortable failing with. Failing in unfamiliar company or with a woman you like is going to come off sophomoric, puerile and weird or worse, particularly with sexual innuendo, creepy and rapey.
    I believe that tailoring your remarks is of paramount importance, sexual innuendo with someone you haven't been intimate with or you aren't absolutely certain wants that from you is taking a huge risk and only puts them into the position of saying no or avoiding you. I'd say avoid the innuendo and let them come to you, women are used to being chased and it throws them off if you don't.  Really oblique innuendo or double entendre can work but it's a very subtle art and difficult to master. You need to have plausible deniability that sex is not at all what you meant, in the event it's misconstrued or unwanted, then you can tell her to get her mind out of the gutter and maintain the moral high ground.
    Also, I would mention to avoid obscure references that your intended audience isn't going to get, it will just make you look like a snob or a dork, regardless of how witty you find them to be.
    I would have responded to the hangover comment with a common pop culture reference like " Hangover? I hope you didn't find a tiger in the bathroom but I can be right over with a remedy then help you throw the mattress off the roof and find your friend."  
    The girl is messaging you in the morning after a rough night, why take the risk of alienating her by going straight to "indoor Olympics"? She's already obviously thinking of you by texting you but clearly isn't feeling her best. Best bet is to play it cool and casual. I'm reminded of the allegory from the Sean Penn / Robert Duvall movie Colors, it was in reference to law enforcement but the axiom holds true; 
    Two bulls are standing atop a hill overlooking a verdant valley full of grazing animals and the young bull turns to the older one and says: "Hey pop, why don't we run down there and fuck one of them cows?"
    The old bull turns to the young bull and says: "No son, let's walk down there and fuck them all."

    I do agree though that charming banter has to come off as being in your own words and casual, learning comedic timing isn't easy. Quick comebacks constitute witty banter but one that takes 30 seconds to formulate will only make people feel awkward and you look stupid. Texting does give you the opportunity to think about it but don't overthink it and you still need to be able to pull it off in real life. I'm not sure if this video is meant to deal exclusively with witty banter via texts or generally, including real life where a topically relevant, quick retort is key since you don't get to prepare.

    Flattery only works if it's sincere and the counterpoint holds that self deprecating humour or teasing also only works if it's insincere and untrue. Otherwise you'll appear either mean and hateful or self-loathing and lacking confidence which nobody finds witty or charming. Save the vulnerability for your therapist and the trash talk for guys on the basketball court if you can't handle the subtleties and nuance.

    My two cents

    Sir you are a great teacher!! Thank you!!

    I agree with Stairway Heaven. In addition, I think it MIGHT work, but only if you were already regularly intimate with that person.

    I'm a woman and for me personally…this kind of sexual banter turns me off because it's way too forward and leaves nothing to the imagination. There's a guy I like A LOT who has been doing this with me and I'm starting to avoid him because of it. We have never been intimate and if he keeps this up we never will. Unless a woman is looking ONLY for sex…I would caution against this sort of thing because that is the message it sends: "I only want you for sex.". It's tasteless and adolescent.

    im shy round women 🙁

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