Just glassin' listening to this. Deck as feck!

    I'm not the man my actions would suggest love this song when I was younger I would listen to this song before almost every battle and dismantle who was in front of me man those were the Days

    Love you Greg DUlli, like a brother that is haha

    Greg I love you no homoo hahah <<333

    The Afghan Whigs FOREVER and EVER baby!

    Still fire.

    I'd forgotten how good this album is… how much I love it!!! still awesome.. play it loud!

    thanks chino


    EASILY one of the most UNDERRATED COMPLETE albums of the early 1990s…from beginning to end, nothing dissapoints. YEAH I SAID IT

    this was playing at the bakery last on the radio; the 18 year old behind the counter shut it down mumbling "wtf is that noise??"….i felt sooooo old… then…noticing I didnt aprove she told me "oh yea, sorry , yea my dad likes Ramstein too"… , safe to say that was not a good day….

    Brilliant song and fantastic video depicting the juxtaposition of homosocial and heterosexual inanity. Well done.

    Great song!!! One of my faves.

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