what a mess

    sounds just like Duane Allman on slide…………………..Derek & Crew great cover

    Great song, great performance and players

    great cover

    I'm happy to be alive in the same era of TTB!! Woods are also very special.

    This is great!!!!!!


    Love TTB version of this tune. It's just fuckin' yummy!

    Doing the Stones better than the Stones are doing themselves right now.


    Hope yall dont mind,cuz the BLUES ONCE OVER band will be coverin this cover.now i gotta buy some grass,i mean brass.


    Tasty rendition of a stones classic. Reverent yet original. Not too little or too much, medium effort, just right. Hard to imagine a better combo than Oliver W and Mike M. Sweet and smooth solo carousel from bone, piano and guitar. Then swimming, swirling vocals for the outro are sublime. Thanks ttb and wood brothers for keeping my soul shining.

    Does anyone knows what's the guitar of the singing Wood Brothers (don't know his first name)?

    Que de talents réunis .Magique!!!!!!!

    Hot damn that horn!

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