John Lennon is that you?

    watch the movie: Take This Waltz (2011) This is movie scenes.

    to the dude who made this video and matched up the scenes of this movie to this song.. you nailed it.

    2:12 Is he going down on her at this point?

    I can’t believe you’re only getting $12 from YouTube for this video.

    I'm drunk and high watching this it was a challenge typing this

    hello 480p

    So who else realized that the girl is Jenny from Dawson's Creek?

    1:00 gives me shivers all of the time

    Is that Michelle Williams??

    I like you Ron Burgundy.

    Oh the tame

    Drop acid to this and then try dmt and you'll understand more about reality

    Fav song ♥

    In the 2030s 13 year old kids will be listening to this album and feel superior to their peers………….guess what Im trying to say is that this album is a classic

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