Media investigates all govt. killings. Here they simply spoil-ate a witness. Vegas was a 9/11 kind of event that went wrong. The Lone Gunman was a fall back scenario and it's media's job to sell it. Called "Accessory After the Fact" to murder..


    confucius say : he who knows nothing doubts nothing

    They think we're stupid. Lol

    I hope you don't think that because I know 'Sandy Hook' and 'the Boston Marathon' were fakes (that's right, "know"), that makes me a 'conspiracy nut'. But I'm not going to lose any sleep over it if you do. — P.S. Mark Steyn is a shill for psy-op BS himself. He knows the Brussels airport 'tragedy' was faked.


    The JFK info won't be released until all of us who were alive for that event are dead.
    Mark my words.

    "Not attacking MGM?" YOU SHOULD BE! I live in Las Vegas. This story is as phony as a three dollar bill! Multiple shooters, one from a helicopter, exits blocked Lone shooter was a patsy!

    What if this JESUS CAMPOS was the shooter and STEPHEN PADDOCK the guard who was killed by CAMPOS when he tried to stop CAMPOS?Is That why the video footage is not being published.Because it would be to obvious to see that Stephen Paddock was actually the guard instead of the shooter.

    Tucker is such a scaredy cat ..NO BALLS….

    At least somebody is being honest in this case – and it's these guys! Police, Sheriff, hotel and FBI are hiding everything – because they took an hour to respond!!

    MAYBE conspiracy nuts are not nuts at all. Ellen must not have gotten the memo about the "new" narrative.

    Why is Campos getting his "hero" award in the Jean Georges Private Dining Room in Oct – when it was completely renovated with a new look in JULY! Photoshop?

    Madalay bay WILL release the video just as soon as the CIA/FBI are done filming it.

    That Ellen interview should be considered a conflict of interest for the Justice Department to investigate.

    Is there any justice left in America for us civilians? We do pay the bills, don't we? Remember when we had a say? Remember when people were held accountable before this politically correct NWO? American politicians had better get their heads out of their asses and remember that they work for us, not the corporations who line their pockets! There's this thing called treason. It's punishable by death. Many of them, especially the dual citizens, are guilty of high treason. Examples should be made be made. Every terror case going back to Oklahoma City bombing should be reopened with new investigators. WTF are Americans waiting for? Bunch of fat, lazy, beta-males, if you ask me. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves. You're getting what you deserve for your willful ignorance. It's all slipping away.

    #BoycottEllen for her help in covering up the real story.

    Funny how nobody is saying anything about the guard who supposedly died. Campos didn't save anyone. I believe he's a shooter!!!!!

    Tucker and Guest are not conspiracy nuts, great, glad you made that clear before forming your own conspiracy theory regarding Campos/Ellen/MGM. Now I realize some go nutty with their conspiracy theories but really do we have to constantly portray everyone putting out a conspiracy theory as a "nut"? cuz like there's never conspiracy in Government, Business and Media right? They have been and are alway completely trustworthy and honest yeah? Oh and you might want to inform the Government though who also happens to prosecute people for "conspiracy".

    He walk on stage pretty well

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