Good music for my to baby twins thx

    What sadness, just out of the stomach, already the first lie, make him think he's still there!

    Gonna try this next time I babysit my niece

    They've done studies you know. Sixty percent of the time it works every time.

    I am 15 and this is how I'm sleeping…

    It did not work


    Baby I'm babysitting has been fighting her sleep for awhile now. Put this on and she started drifting off in minutes, asleep before the 15 minute mark.

    amazing. my baby stopped crying within the first 20 seconds and went to sleep all on his own within the first 10 minutes.

    Brilliant my 5 month old fell right back asleep

    My baby has been up since 4 am I put this he feel asleep lol how do they get relax with this ?

    Working good on my 2 week old 🙂 but my alarm went off and I was afraid she was gonna start crying again. Nope! She just opened her eyes and went right back to sleep.

    Since I can't do anything else on my phone while this is playing let's start a fun facts conversation lol. Hit me with them interesting facts people

    Why the f#$k would you put adverts on something we are obviously wanting in a hurry…….

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