A big issue with these numbers being used as IDs is they are recycled after your death. So you can technically wind up with say your parents number.

    our id number in malaysia is similar to usa then, our birthday followed by our place of birth, followed by random number.

    Seriously, are you Americans that dumb!!!

    I feel like someone freaked out after they watched this

    For everyone confused by the US not having universal ID, this stems from how the most powerful political party in the US believes in having the government interfere as little as possible in people's lives. A universal ID is a symbol to many people of the government regarding its people as numbers rather than human beings, and being able to create legislation that treats them as such. To such people, the security and effectiveness of this hacked-together "ID" aren't so much the problem as much as the government and other institutions trying to implement a universal ID in the first place, the idea being that each institution should make its own profile on each person, and figure out for themselves how to reliably keep track of and identify each person (like accounts on the internet). I'm on the fence about this subject; I agree with the thoughts behind this reasoning, but also that such a solution may be unrealistic.

    Not having an ID card is just more trouble than the importance of "MUH FREEDOM". I don't have to constantly keep my ID number secret because there's a biometrics scan when I need to use it

    Also when social security first started, it was optional.

    Whenever I open my passport now, I hear the eagle sound in my head.

    Wasnt expecting gta in this video kifflom

    Is 'Go Fish' A Tomska Reference?

    Wait a minute. Doesn't that whole pre 1950 thing go against the 1st amendment?

    America… F*ck yeah

    HOLY COW BATMAN, someone else on youtube knows that the SS card is voluntary and how the numbers are set up.

    Americans are weird.

    6:14 lmfao!!! Epsilon "Kifflom!"

    The first 3 numbers are the area code…..next two numbers are a Ill get back to that and the last four are a serial number.

    "You wanted to avoid the goverment so you became a stupid goverment!"

    Me: why not just have ID's
    Americans: Because we don't want to be like you

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