It's the only way they'll learn.

    Didn't realise "the other guy" was bumstead?

    Ego training right there. Train smart, stay healthy.

    Yeah Craig Titus…he did another silly thing. He was just minding his own business murdering his mistress and setting her corpse on fire and boom…wouldn’t ya know it never competed again. Just a silly little mistake

    It's a valuable lesson, but I'm sure Calum is disappointed with himself and learned his lesson. I agree though, it is impossible to justify the tandem curl other than for the gram.

    Nice video Dave! Found your channel today and your videos are top notch!

    Dave is the MAN

    Dave you are not 49. You look fuckn 65. No way you're 49.

    Was I the only one who thought "thank god it wasn't chrish Bumpstead that got injured"? He could win the mr O this year where as for Callum, meh.

    …in my opinion! —-> cross fit is the most stupidest accident waiting to happen thing i have seen so far (fact)

    Amen, Dave your such an inspiration I'm 60 years old and I was able to quit lifting completely , partially because of a spinal surgery where they fused everything again. I was able to stop and not get depressed, in fact most people give me complements an looking healthier. 36 years of the power sport, then BB. It was all for a season

    Weren't they in a movie call " Dumb and Dumber "?

    just wanted to say thanks for not talking like a news reporter anymore. or at least seems like ur trying

    So playing volleyball is silly?

    300 pound dumbell. What possible exercise could anyone use that for. There is none.

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