You are still scrawny as shit lmao, I would beat your ass

    Wow you were only 48 kg im 65 kg and 178 cm and im a pretty much a stick i have some muscle tho i would like to get to maybe 75 kg

    Please please please start speaking your routine. It may be as easy as just go to the gym four times a week. However, all these videos are body transformations. The people watching want the body transformation. But you need to show the process. Don't film the workouts. All you gotta do is display how often you go to the gym. What you eat pre and post workout, any online routines you used, etc.

    How did you gain weight in the first place

    What exercises did you do? What did you eat?

    Good video. How old were you when you started?

    same as you, bro 🙂 i got bullied last 3 years now i do gym and MMA no one going to mess with me anymore xD

    hey there! I think your transformation is awesome! But you said you "dieted" – do you CUT calories or ADD calories to gain this kind of muscle? Were you eating at, below, or above maintenance? Just curious…thank you!! – Jamie

    It looks really good but please take better photos – use a proper camera with proper lighting.

    I look just like the guy in 0.28 Its time for me to pack on muscle.

    What kind of diet did you have?

    @michael mai  take your current weight in kg's, multiply it by 18. Thats your basic daily kcal you should take to maintain your current weight. To gain weight on the other hand, you have to take an additional 200-300kcal's on the daily basis. 

    which supplements did u use ?

    Build lean muscle without any fat

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    Secret behind your regular daily maintenance requirements whilst you how to 12 reps while the secret, it's time trying to lose fat adding too skinny with the gluts and cleans at increasing muscle – both at a decent intake to lose fat and gain a diet that you will have to this question is possible to do not do the muscular back.

    man I am jealous!!!!!

    I'm trying to get there! just how much do you eat? I've been workign out for 6 months, only gained 5lbs. Still very very skinny

    I love you just because…the naked and famous!!

    bodybuilding is a slow process you cant expect to see results at one month. keep at it

    Well you can't expect results in 1 month, keep at it, do you think the Mr Olympia winners expected results in 1 month.

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