That video was dope, Reminds me of them summer days back in highschool.

    I'm love hate with jcole but I have to admit this is my favorite vibe of the year so far…

    bro,why j cole always use 2nd hand beat tho,i mean remember that joey badass song,now this,currensy rock this beat first

    Was n o black r white on bablo…lost my virginity on the boat also! Thanks Royce

    Who else sampled this beat?

    I could have sworn I heard madlib or dilla on this.

    I can not believe i slept on this for a month…

    Cole destroyed the beat.



    curren$y > whoever the fuck these niggas are

    This is a classic

    any songs that give a similar​ vibe? tryna make a playlist that carries this vibe throughout

    My jam

    Everybody’s saying cole fans ride his dick when Kendrick fans are the biggest dick riders I’ve ever seen in my fucking life

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