Roy Moore is sooo stupid.

    How can Republicans like Roy NOT see the direct line from Sharia Law to their beliefs about Christianity in American government? Yes, Sharia Law can be barbaric, but it is "using religion to control government" at it's CORE. It seeks to institute a religious text as the guiding compass for government. How is that any different from what Roy Moore Republican politicians demand?

    Rumor has it that Roy Moore, Mike Pence, and Donald "Little Hands" Trump are going to open a GAY BAR in DC called the "WRECKED RECTUM".

    His wife is 14 years his junior. He met her when she was 14 years old. Weird.

    Burn in hell Roy Moore.

    Doug Jones I support him from Alaska Juneau

    Fuck Roy Moore

    This video proves that there's no fool like an old fool.

    When truth is attacked & lies are protected that's when a society is ready to collapse. What was done to Roy More is being done to many others truth tellers people who want to live in an honest country based in the rule of law not one run by liberal criminal's who think anything goes as long as it doesn't affect them. I don't want to live in a country where accusations can destroy a life without evidence. What was done to Roy more was just that.

    Roy Moore is up against Jewish Zionist filth and needs to have the vote again and the paper ballots only counted. The electronic voting machines need to be destroyed and Soros needs to be arrested and put in Guantanamo to await trial or death whichever comes first. I am behind Roy Moore and against anyone who should oppose him, he is a just and God fearing man and will be good for Alabama, America and the World. Trump needs to take his gloves off and just throw these voting fraudsters in Guantanamo where they belong together with the Jones guy who supposedly "won" the election.

    Roy Moore is a holocaust denier and a pedophile.

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