Queen naija and Clarence nyc admit their feelings for eachother🌶❤!

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    What she say

    Queen Naija lasted tweets about Chris Sails and Clarence NYC https://youtu.be/jhxTzE3g93A

    Queen a Thot real talk

    Damn that quick?!? Didn’t this queen bitch just get out of a long ass relationship who’s she had a kid with

    Clarence looks like my MyPlayer I'm sueing

    Queens face was like he was with me 3 days ago lol so cute

    I love it

    they to cute

    You should date him

    your a hoe

    Queen it was Better when he was with Chris now I don’t even want to follow you because I was a good cup we have been together for a whole Lotta years and that does break my heart about that don’t do that crap queen brochure with Chris now I wanna go to Aminah to do don’t do it back

    If they had a baby it would probably just look like queen just like baby Chris if not it's going to look like Clarence but when baby Chris get older he won't even if the baby is half brother cause Chris and Clarence look just alike thats if that if they brake up

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