What is your computer setup? Do you have an idea of what is causing your issues?

    how do you have your fov set so you can see the shiftlights in the porsche? They're behind the wheel for me so I just shift at the last blue line on the tacho.

    Wow, I avoided disaster narrowly. You were just behind me in turn 2, I escaped all the carnage. Thanks for soaking that up :p
    Try the Porsche again after the patch!

    Right now I have to get my PC2 fix with a controller on the console due to my PC being dead. If you want a real challenge try to do this track with any real effort with a controller. Attempting to drive inches from the wall and manage acceleration/braking is a nightmare.

    Even still you make it look easy even when I was able to use a wheel.

    Man, this place is gorgeous at sunrise. Idk why I'm wasting my life doing these noon races.

    Hey mate 🙂 My car wasnt damaged that hard, it was netcode. Went to pit for 2 times this race haha and I think it was over 80sec penalty in the end (actually dont know why)

    Interesting tactics from the field for the start of the race. Glad it was just a friendly social. The lift-off oversteer in your car kept you busy, for sure.

    I dont like how the graphics look on project carz 2 after coming from projectcars 1

    Nice Race Ricky!

    THAT 911 RSR is the sexy beast with real sound mod AC though

    Online championships is something SMS worked on very late, probably it would have been better to safe it for pc3 and instead use those developer and artist time for but fixes. We'd can do it ourselves in Excel anyway

    I have similar problems with the Porsche. I just can't dial that car in. It feels good if I drive it at 80%-85% of what I usually drive other cars. But I can't drive it as fast as I can other GT3s.

    Ever since I saw you play Raceroom (which I never heard of) I gave it a try and the force feedback was so good that I can't seem to go back to PCARS anymore. Even AC feels a bit muted in comparison to all the things I'm getting thru the wheel. BATHURST is a cool track. I've had some awesome races in raceroom. That first right hander can actually be taken pretty quick.

    Almost all tracks with turn 1 chicanes or really narrow sections are doomed to have pile ups lol. Do you have a discord server?

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