Honey, I've tried "talking" with literal bible humpers. What a waste of air to explain the methods of how we determine the great age of the earth, or understand evolutionary biology. How does one 'talk' to young-earth creationists, who think the sole purpose of a woman is to breed more bible humpers? How does one have a rational discussion with people who think homosexuality is a "sin" as determined by their belief in a dusty old religious tome, cobbled together by men to control a superstitious population.

    This man is my British spirit animal.

    Spot on!

    With very few exceptions such as Jonathan Pie the Left has not learned anything from the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, et al and they continue their stupidity and suicidal tactics. Just watch. Marine Le Pen in France will be the next President of France and the nationalists in Germany will win, because people have had it with the Left's tactics as such tactics don't work anymore and the Left has learned NOTHING from their recent failures.

    Why didn't you become an MP?!

    A month later and have they learned? Nope. These retards are actually gullible enough to believe that Donald Trump is a Russian conspirator. You can't make this shit up. I often hear it said that every racist voted for Trump but not every Trump supporter is a racist, and that's true. But there's a flip-side to that argument: Every intolerant, politically correct feminist, and fascist SJW voted for Hillary, but not every Hillary supporter is one of those either. Also, the smear campaign launched on Trump from the very beginning blew up massively in their face.


    this is gold

    Dear Republicans/Conservatives:

    Two words: I agree.

    Many of you may have lost your faith in our side but don't worry. There are those who can still listen to reason and concede logic in an argument. I completely agree with every word this guy said. I'm so tired of the shitslinging and us liberals aren't making it any better. We are not all represented by the college kid demographic who deny speakers from coming to a university; those are emotionally-clouded irrational pseudo-liberals who cannot bear to hear someone else's views for fear of invalidation. But, putting my political views aside, it's time to start healing. I won't facilitate healing as a liberal; I will facilitate healing as an AMERICAN, because at the end of the day, that's all we really are. Without that we aren't part of any political party. Spread love/acceptance and not hatred. There are those that will spread hatred; that is their choice; it doesn't have to be yours. Let's get America healing again. There is such a gap between all Americans, a chasm as large as the Grand Canyon. But if we work together, we can build a bridge and ultimately reunite. Let's make 2017 a positive year this year. Best of luck to all of you and enjoy your year ❤. Happy New Year.

    The reason the left can't discuss is they don't have a rational argument and then resort to hate speech. Every and I mean EVERY Liberal I bump into can't give a rational reason for any policy.

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