Lord I lift up every problem and obstacles in our marriage amen


    Help me to succied lord Amen!!

    Praise the Lord.. please pray for me.. for my relationship ..and for the wedding..

    Thank you lord today is the Beging of our married lord i have no evil plans in someones married i hope lord that no one is also againts my married too bless my married lord and also bless the needy thank you father for the answers amen!!!

    Thank you father for bring me close to married Only you lord Will carry forward this married lord as it's written in psam 91 we Will see wrong doing with our eyes but it Will not come near our married amen

    Thank you lord for bring me close to a new married home. Amen

    Please Lord find your way into my wife's heart. May she feel your Iove and blessings. May she allow me to finally be the man she deserves. The father to our children, they deserve. Please bless us and keep us together forever, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    Please pray that l successful get married as soon as possible and lives happily ever after lmmediately AND Automatically and permanently. THANK YOU ALL for ALL your loving prayers. Please spread the holy word THANK YOU.

    Please pray for my wife Ann and I not to divorce and to reconcile.

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