People Play Magic: The Gathering For The First Time

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    Latest packs? This was released September 27. The latest pack would be HOU, not AKH. Cmon

    Do a series for Pokemon! The whole bunch (TCG/VGC/Pokken), then a feature for the World Championships 😀

    I have been playing this game since 1997. So happy MTG is getting more recginision.

    Go ahead try Yugioh next

    Oh no BuzzFeed has stained this great game

    They didn't actually play. Would have been good to see them actually play.

    MIKE bear emoji eyes with hearts emoji

    Do a yugioh video pls

    3:52 know all the Magic lingo, yeah right! Do they know what a bear is, milling, two for one, bricking, fizzle?

    Wait, buzzfeed did not throw in sexism or racism into this video? Wow, I am surprised!

    How to fall down the stairs: step mggof;(;6;4775;$@guff xd009?$$;2/676$&$))7)gduiocc

    Now they need to do Yu-Gi-Oh!

    the most recent set is ixalan BTW not amonkhet

    The asian girl is soo attractive 😮

    I just do not have the patience

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