VICE News was there for it all. As one attendee told us, “it gets pretty deep.” We'll let you be the judge.
    WATCH NEXT: The meeting of the micronations – http://bit.ly/2xWi1ok

    God, this is patronizing towards these people. Let 'em believe what they want lol.

    ask them a filipino, its nightime here and america is daytime, and how does a equator work if eart his flat and all the planets are flat too?, and each planet has a sun?, all the planets would not have been cold if earth is flat

    I pledge, with the internet as my witness, that if I ever come upon a billion dollars by way of chance or enterprise, I will use part of that money to put every Flat Earther in the world on a boat, all expenses paid, and sail around the very round Earth until all passengers are back in reality.
    I will then use the remaining money to send climate change deniers to Mars.

    Who's "They"?
    Well… Basically Satan

    There is no up or down in outer space

    @2:15 —- nothing flat about those globes, honey!

    At :47 —- who knew Allen Thicke was one of these nut jobs. I guess it was that or Scientology.

    They held this in Cary, NC. This is right in my backyard. The level of embarrassment I am feeling is beyond description. Had I gotten the flyer, I would have picketed!!!

    These people are so stupid they could jump out of an airplane and miss the Earth !!!!

    "How come mars doesnt have a flat earth society" credit to elon musk

    Oh my god, if there was ever a need for eugenics this proves it, these idiots don’t understand centrifugal force, gravity Basic human knowledge

    "We are not crazy!" Is that a thing you have to point out? If it is then you might be crazy

    If the earth was really flat, these exact same people would be trying to prove that it’s a spheroid.

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