Shy ain’t gotta Collab wit anybody if they ain’t really bringin flavor. Y’all naming sum corns man lol

    0:14 "Worth Ekic"

    I love You ….

    My dawg!! "Yng Hefe Homez" well spoken Shy! From a fan, an ole head Washingtonian..

    Realest nigha slept onn

    Now they wanna appreciate Shy Glitzy…

    What happened to 30?

    They set my nigga up but couldn't set him back! #Godspeed


    Glizzy making power moves‼️

    how dis nigga sound like.meek and wale lmfao

    Damn He is so under-rated he really should be on top of the game instead of these new shitty rappers

    https://soundcloud.com/cfdcxdfmg/overdue Check My New Song You Won’t Regret It

    His hoodie nice asf someone link me it on baby

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