Am I the only one who hears a little bit of Super Mario somewhere between 30th andt 31st minute?

    Opeth* ^^

    The opening sequence always sounds to me like there's one or two notes missing, or is it just my mainstream ears lacking appreciation?

    If people arguing about opeth new album old album This album that album Be quite and enjoy I mean they really sucks

    Pale Communion is one of Opeths strongest albums.
    They just went from Prog metal to Prog rock. Whats wrong with that? Do fans just want to hear the same material over and over again? lol

    Shiieeettt this is fucking good

    One of the greatest prog albums ever made imho. People and bands evolve. Get over it. Plenty of grunting elsewhere.

    One of my top 3 Opeth albums after Damnation and Blackwater Park. Brilliant. Axe is ridiculous here

    370,000 views later… band name is still misspelled Opeht

    Opeht! The best band ever!

    Great album! Beautiful and deep songs ..

    opeth … not opeht

    As a huge Opeth fan, I've never listened to this… I guess it's time.

    Every comment on this and Heritage is either having to defend the band now or bashing this or Heritage and never liking both. That should clearly tell you that once Opeth changed their sound 100% after Watershed, that probably shouldn't of happened but here we are left with "Opeth" Another band should be playing this sound not Opeth. Their sound was un touchable and it would of been nice to have it continue until they couldn't physically produce it anymore but instead they just flip the script totally and gave us …whatever the fuck this and Heritage is.

    These guys sound just like OPETH

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