All Cancer Matters

    When you crazy motherfuckers gonna realize that people being allowed guns is just a bad idea??

    ALWAYS have ALL paperwork on the dashboard.
    ALWAYS have your hands on the wheel or dashboard.
    Never reach for anything without getting out of the car first.

    American police self defence training is non existent and weak at best.
    Basically every other country has ninja police officers and would put them to shame.

    i hate police i wish they ass get killed more

    16 minutes on this, 3 minutes on 100 poeple being killed by a muslim in afghanistan….

    I am so sick of the police executing innocent people!!!!!!!! Sick !! Justice is a joke in American now and she is coming down

    Why do we keep arguing about race? Multiculturalism has failed in every country on earth. Why not just segregate and be done with it? Let blacks police and govern themselves. Then when a black cop kills a black man no one can scream about racism.

    I hope someone murders the cop and everyone who set the motherfucker free

    4 time not 7

    That is still a routine traffic stop lol. People are so quick to hate police when they know nothing about police work

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