I have Final Doom on ps1

    Fake news

    comon Kim start the fucking nuclear war. I'm tired of these racist terrost assholes.

    Just go to creative mode. You'll be fine 🙂

    He is like a baby thinking China will back him up … thing is China is obliged to , they signed a treaty to do so… I say build a 20ft wall Mr Trump and keep them all out , and the UK should do the same …. what about rearrange the world the bad guys to the east the good guys to west and the rest to choose south or West. .. We are all sick of people wanting to harm us…

    I personally prefer the original doom

    Lunch?! I said launch!

    Can't trust this fake news tho

    Kim Jong UN your nothing but a coward. you don't have the balls to sent missiles toward Guam

    North Korea could be potentially wiped off the map by us and our allies, so I'm guessing North Korea is not that stupid…

    First,fat Kim is young and stupid so i wont talk about his stupidity in politic. Second,Trump…you get the point.

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