In every European country I've ever visited cops had guns except for the UK.

    Like 99.9% of women cannot win a fight with the average man enemy or perp. This is a big part of why women shouldn't be cops or military. If a woman gets in hand to hand combat, she and her fellow soldiers or officers are put in danger because she will lose that fight. Her gun can get stolen, etc.

    TFM I read the articles about the girl with the pills, while there is a chance how you say it played out actually happened, I think you are making some pretty big assumptions based on the two articles I read about it.

    Sorry man, she's hardly an 8 or 9… more like a 5 or 6: Average to slightly above average… depending on your preferences.
    Celestina is way hotter than this chick.

    These guys are gross why would you pass around a girl between yourselves. These morons get what they deserve no SIMPathy from me. Arrest the whore too.

    This is what happens when you hire bettas and Cucks to be on the police force. They're not Alpha enough to get a hot chick so they resort to tactics like this.

    Flyer 229, “Why is the US Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) so
    Impotent?”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pnsVMtc5mQ&list=PLZNxyp7lrVdW-HpvjlSuS9QcAjaUSC3of&index=2   This
    flyer expresses my opinions on why I think the MRM in the US is so impotent. It
    lists 4 things I think the MRM is doing wrong, and why an angry masculist
    approach to men’s lib would be a lot more effective. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=de+garis+MASCULIST+MGTOW+FLYERS  (230 videos) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=de+garis+ESSAYS  (150+ videos)

    Well,the police are guilty of non professional conduct,at any rate,and should be suspended or fired.However,since law breaking females cannot be trusted to hold up their ends of shady deals,just like other criminals,this should become a widely known textbook case for male law enforcement officers. The only potential good that might come out of this case.

    Whore Slut Trash. Everyone should be allowed to publicly fuck trash like that. She deserves no rights for pulling this shit.

    Yup they deserved it. What dumbass would say yes to that?

    lo most of Australia is desert and no people around.

    the only thing that worries me is the tax payer.

    what would she do so?
    money involved here.

    I can do at least 5mph speed walking. If they can't do that then something is wrong.

    To anybody reading this comment DO NOT stand up for these cops, they are scum.

    The Austrailian military could let their women use their vaginas as distraction weapons. While they fuck the enemy the men can sneak up and kill them.

    The cops involved are corrupt and deserve whatever is coming to them, the girl is corrupt and successfully corrupted the cops, she would have got what was coming to her if the cops had done their job. Girl got away, the cops paid for their stupidity, end of story. PS. these cops are naïve simp idiots with a death wish….

    Idiots, they should have given her an additional charge of bribing a police officer on top of the illegal drug possession.

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