New drinking straw reuse ideas | Best out of waste | Artkala 304

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    Love this video


    good idea and awesome work

    What fun, but I am not clear on what kind of paper to use to place the straws between to then fuse the with the iron. Is it special heat proof paper or parchment paper as you would use in baking? Many thanks.

    Realy very nice


    what's the paper name

    Did you use paper or cloth to cover straws?

    Look at all the extra wasted plastic. Wow

    nice thankyo very very matche..i live in amerkine


    How is this "reuse" if you are using clean, new straws? And how are you making "best out of waste" when you are creating waste with all those bits that you are cutting up & apparently discarding?
    "Absolutely awesome"? No.

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