terrible pictures!! great song!! haa (:

    cause DJ Damascus want it!
    Toreador forever

    Why in the world would this be the Toreador theme?

    The insanity to claim to see during embrace is what I control through the shadows. You Freaks may claim the the crown of madness, and wear it well. Though there are shadows even in the blackest of nights. In the dark corners of your mind that even insanity cannot reach and that is where I pull the strings. While your madness may serve no purpose to you, it serves a great deal of importance to me.

    Personally I like and play The followers Of Set in my clan of about fifty in second life.

    Well all The Masquerade has returned!

    VTR is ghey

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH the MNN lives and breathes – well not breathes, we're too dead to breathe, but NEVER FEAR the secrets haven't gone to ash with the dawn! We're not a delusion of the Ventrue and the Order of Dracul can suck Tremere marrow. MALKAVIANS FOREVER!

    Haven't found my fit yet, Can't be Cappy cause they are all dead and gone(I refuse to accept the Skulls are pure Cappy's), love of the Gangrel and their behaivor but they just don't sit right as a Kindred and their existance seems unfair, belonging to the Wyld. So all that's left for me are these degenerates. So "proud" to bear this mantle. "What is in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would still smell as sweet and the monster hiding behind it is still just as terrible." Love

    TOREADOR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Toreador RULE!

    ya that is a kick ass song 4 a suck ass clan.

    your kind don't make mistakes
    don't slip or hesitate
    just hide your inner state. 😉
    Ever the dead, longing to be apart of the living, our blessing is our curse.

    I loved this cllaaann XD I miss that game

    gah.. Have these Kindred ever actually done anything?? or do they just snipe at each other every night? LOL jk very well done!

    dont lie

    It's from Fabole by Victoria Francés

    Lasombra can't control and neither understand the shadows i'm talking about.

    spykey Is my spy, for he is me and i am him and both of us are one(not completely,..yet). But he will come back…he always comes back"alive..and empty once again". No need to involve kindred outside of my clan in this business…for their sanities' sake at least

    yes that's where "spikey" is….
    but my "spykey" is a wolf that's soulbound to me. We share either pain and joy and most of all mind..yet in the past das i seem to have lost his mental trace..
    He might have travelled to the moon and beyond to the glittering shadowmelded stars of my mind which only he can comprehend

    as long as there are a couple of malks there guarding him that possessed demon is more dead than protected…or should i say "demented". the same goes for the rest the renegade lot :). by the way, have u seen spykey?

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