Ok your gonna get hot in the head and then die then the donkey is gonna be called dangerous and be put down

    I was half expecting Doodle to kick him

    oh come on what was that ? He would not understand the lesson when you are pulling and pushing him non stop. Whenever he is doing a step forward you have to stop pushing him imidiately, only then he would understand what you want from him…

    How did you get him to walk later on? In the others videos he is walking really nice!

    Donkeys don't need baths. Pushing is no use, it's a lot stronger than you will ever be.

    LOL! Not sure why I find this so hilariously funny!

    Your not supposed to bath them

    Lol! So funny

    Doodles was not impressed lol.

    Maybe it is too cold or he is hungry so he needs to eat so bring him food he would chase it and you wet him

    Ever hear of "like dangling a carrot in front of a mule"?  Works on donkeys too.  Clearly he wants to eat.  Take a little feed in a bucket and tap the sides.  He will come so he can keep eating.  It makes this experians something good in his mind, so will be hard to stop if he associates the two..

    You can't move your ass :P.

    one bit of advice give him a reward right before bathing and then one right after associate his good behavior with treats he never gets other wise and he will shape up they are very smart treat tehm like a five year old savy kid who knows what it takes to get a treat form you

    That is so funny. We had a donkey and it took my husband and grandson and friend  to get him in the lot. It wore them out. But it was so funny. Love your videos Becky. Thank you.

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