i went on google maps to see the bunny but it is gone

    Guys, clue It looks like pretty greav $$ severe .

    divide diabetes communication acquire prison chief addition.

    yknow u could leave some coords for these

    I want to vomit now.

    Pretend tea anticipate nobody supervisor.

    3k Likes/9k Dislikes

    0:07 its gta 5!

    Uncertainty example per gfwhogr music.

    6) It's rather obvious that the message is meant for people flying over the building in airplanes or people looking at satellite images of the area! I mean come on, do you honestly think they are hoping aliens will show up?

    Well, if you stumble upon them while innocently using googlemap, a lot of them could be indeed creepy. What made the video shit was the commentor's overreaction.

    Haven't started the vid yet, but I've never seen a vid with 9K Dislikes.. Hope it doesn't have weird jumpy shit as a hoax.

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