The white house leaks are not self serving they are country serving!

    mannnnn this guy is damn funny!!!
    how did I miss him all these days

    Dems or Republicans… its all the same.. at least trump is funny

    Thank you Trevor. Your humor helps me keep my dinner down. Having Trump as president has done a number on my gut. Can't even listen to the news anymore because the actions of the man are not congruent with the words I hear. You, however, are spot on.

    Come on Trevor, time for some juicy stuff of Zuma !!!

    Trevor is just Another Sore Loser Racist Nigger !

    have you ever thought tht Trump sold Ruskies an unimportant secret to cover for future Deraa ops?..

    Trump is a Russian spy like salt

    Im so proud of Trevor Noah. He is a transgender celebrity that has made it big. I grew up with him in Johannesburg before he transitioned. Trevor was originally "Olivia Noah." He transitioned in his mid teens. I cannot wait for him to make the story public. Yeahh Trevor!

    No one impersonates Trump as well as Trevor xD

    afff, he just said he fired a guy and that info was publiced right after. no issue there…just a bunch of media mess that is detrimental to our country. CAN WE FOCUS ON GROWING OUR ECONOMY, JOBS, FOREIGN RELATIONS…..INSTEAD OF BEATING UP THE PRESIDENT ON EVERY LITTLE THING? THE MEDIA IS F*ING US AMERICANS!!!!!

    One of his best performances nice work host

    what was the secret pertaining to? his Hillary just making a big deal about a non issue

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