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    6:00 to be fair you guys had a perfectly good opportunity to commandeer some horses.


    Simon is Back!!!!!

    Watching this now with Simon back 😉

    SIMON IS BACK!!!!!

    The only reason I watched this was Lewis and Simon but now Simon is recovering its kind of bad

    Will this forever be Simons last video on the channel…?

    I reckon Simon will be in some of the Christmas live streams since it is for charity and stuff but I doubt he will be back on the channel until March when he would have had a year off

    Where has Simon been for the last 5 months?

    simon really was the heart of this channel, its not the same without him <3

    The thumbnail is fitting for Simon's last video.

    #NeverForget Simon

    I believe he will come back better than ever. Our little dwarf is in his hole right now. Resting, and having a great recovery. CANNOT wait until he is back :))

    The last video of Stonefast and the last video of Simon(hopefully not) :'(

    Missing Simon ;-; Its just not the same anymore… any kind of update would be appreciated guys just be honest with us instead of leaving your fans in horrible suspense…

    Miss you Simon, hurts to not see you in vids anymore :'(

    WAAAAAAA!!! I miss you simon! ;-; so much!

    WAAAAAAA!!! I miss you simon! ;-;

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