Maximilian Dood disagrees with making fighting games more accessible

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    if capcom adds a new mechanics please make it so that it doesnt add more input.

    What's really funny about this is how Max completely changed his opinion in terms of dumbing down the game. In one video, he actually agreed with the approach of capcom reducing the execution barrier to appeal to the new players. In this video, he doesn't agree with capcom dumbing down the game. Isn't reducing the execution barrier considered dumbing down? lol here is the video of Max's opinion on the "Execution barrier" in street fighter.

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    I like how in 4 the commands were so fucking hard to do the pros themselves had to resort to using glitches; option selects, plinking, etc… and spend thousands of hours doing to them to be competitive at tournaments. sf5 isn't any more accessible than 4 really. In fact, just the opposite is true. If you don't spend countless hours learning every fucking matchup and every button to press against every fucking other button in the fucking game, you're going to get slaughtered by those who do spend the countless hours learning the frame data. 5 is even more extremely in favor of hardcore loser so called pro players who put thousands of hours into learning all the frame data and matchups. That's not more accessible it's less. The damage is so fucking insane in 5 you have to know all of this shit or you will get your ass kicked. 5 is even more off putting than 4 was to new or low skilled players.

    Right, they made the game more accessible by completely catering the gameplay to the absolute extreme hardcore SF pro players, fuck outta here. 4 was more accessible than the piece of shit known as SF5. That's why sales are in the toilet for this shit game, it's not accessible and the online is dog shit.

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    I agree. for games to be more accesible you would have to take a lot of mechanics and moves away. However, some games like Mortal Kombat do this and it just works, so it really depends on how it's done. The Street Fighter games, especially the x Tekken one, kinda divide the game into two segments: It has commands so easy they can make a filthy casual like me look like a pro, and it has really difficult commands that give pros an advantage so that the game continues to be fair. A noob isn't gonna beat someone who's spent years playing the game. This is really good game design. So it really depends on the game, but for the most part it is true that accesibility takes a lot away from a certain game. Mortal Kombat and Street fighter are just rare examples of this done right.

    I think people should stop equating accessibility with lack of complexity or depth, before even trying to tackle a topic like this. Because, as we can see, of they don't do that, we have bunch of nonsensical argumentation.
    "xyz should be more accessible"
    -"I don't think xyz should be dumbed down"
    These two sentences aren't in any opposition regarding each other, yet, as far as I've seen in the comment section, a lot of people think they are.
    Chess is extremely accessible. Is chess a dumbed-down game? I wouldn't exactly agree on that.
    The X series of video games, are they accessible? No, they aren't. Could they be, without meddling with the mechanics and the scope of the games? Yes, most certainly.

    Also, I can't see why would anyone oppose the easy to learn hard to master principle. If you need a year of devoted practice in order to pull a simple thing and feel a TINY bit of gratification, there's something wrong with that sport/hobby/game/activity. Well, not technically wrong, but wrong in the sense of it being a hobby and a product made for consumption. For example, something like ballet is like that, but ballet should never ever serve as a guideline to sports or games.
    Let's take a look at something like basketball. Or football (soccer). You have a ball. A pretty intuitive thing. It's extremely "easy to use". The goal is clear. The means to an end are clear. The tools are inherent. So, after being introduced to soccer, you can "play soccer" after like ten seconds. Badly, but you can play it. And the "low skill floor implies low skill ceiling" doesn't apply either. Soccer is probably one of the most accessible activities and no one can deny the skill factor, invest-return dynamics, vast possibilities for improvement, exploration etc. And that's the key. If soccer demanded for a ball to be in the air 100% of the time or for players to walk on their hands all the time, that would be bad design indeed.
    I am sure there are some people who could pull the air-only walk-on-hands soccer thing and I am sure all three of them would have a splendid time playing it.

    The need for a low skill floor is of the same importance as the need for high skill ceiling.

    I'm a casual player but I agreed with Max you got a learn how to play the game just can't make it easier for other people

    I mean, almost every fighting game has the noob-friendly entry level character like Ryu or Kyo or Mario for you to take for a whirl while you figure out how to play the game. Isn't that enough?


    SF V is a travesty and a disaster.

    I am kind of surprised that Max is stupid about this. Firstly, MK sells a chunk of it's numbers because of gore. Period. People are going to buy it for that reason. They also will buy it for the story mode.
    SF does not sell many for either reason. Considering that Sony and Capcom are hurting right now, they need to get as many sales as possible. Adjusting mechanics SLIGHTLY to make it more accessible is self preservation.

    Secondly, having mechanics (and inputs) difficult for the sake of begin difficult is fuckin' stupid and elitest.

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