Housewife 49 brought me here.

    3rd rock from the sun brought me here. …….


    lol i came here because of john stamos instagram story and immediately fell in love with this song

    "The sweet things in life to you were just loaned, so how can you loose what you've never owned?".

    Judy Garland's version s my favorite but this one is nice too 🙂

    Anymore suggestion of songs like this?


    how the fuck did we go from this to Miley Cyrus?

    DnB remix… Just imagine it

    Thank GOD for this song…without it..LIFE would always be in FAST FORWARD FOR ME… especially for a Capitalist…..

    Any time I m feeling bad and having a bad day I put this song on and it makes me feel better ya know why cause life is just a bowel of cherries and live and laugh at it all old school in thirties that's why I'm talking about

    Poirot brought me here…

    I love this song!

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