Man, the music during the break was so fucking good! Anybody know what it is?

    Little moments like 1:16:30 are why I love Rimworld (and Tom) so much

    Gameplay starts about 32:00

    What mods are they playing with?

    But Lewis, I want to learn the piano… :'(

    Tom talking about Dastactics 40+ episode Dwarf Fortress tutorial series made me laugh.

    "You do the Piano now"

    Who is making sounds at 1:14:27 ?

    what's the invite code to tomcord

    Is the music rim world music or something else?

    lmaaaoo.. fuccck i almost choked at lil lew and giant tom

    Who here has no life like me.

    Lies, I have played the guitar for years. Never once helped in the ladies department. ;(
    (Still fun though)

    Gotta agree with Lewis, the roar is fucking annoying lmao

    fuck. tom.

    Yaaaaaasss! #vodsquad

    tom is such a nice, jolly, bearded, soft spoken man

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