The jokes are SLAMMING only 3 mins in. Foodwishes is the best

    Basil Fawlty

    Chef John , I was wondering if you had ever heard of bulgar being used instead of rice ?

    "I'm not finally doing that collab with Snoop Dogg" but when will you though? because honestly this kind of thing does seem like something he'd enjoy

    I'm from Sweden and we have this dish aswell, but we use cabbage leaves instead of grape leaves. We got it from the Ottomans in the early 1700s when our king Charles XII lived there in exile. Fun fact.

    "Ribbed, but not for anyone's pleasure" Chef John is a comedy god

    I just made these, and whoever packed those leaves in that jar must have gone to wizard school.

    These look scrumptious and you actually impressed me when you put the plate to hold them in. One of the essentials of the lebanese mezza. Some are vegetarian and even better!!! Stuffed with rice, parsley, mint, tomatoes, onions and lemon with olive oil, S & P and you can add chickpeas to it as well. To die for.

    Baklava comes from Turkey Not Greek. Please stop!!! You Can say Turkish baklava !!!! Orginal word Turkish not Greek!!!! Enough !!!!! Don't say it . İt is very importand for Turkish people! And baklava Yoğurt Kebab dolma köfte pide cacık musakka tarhana Börek Most importand YOĞuRt Döner THY are Orginal Turkish Food not greek

    OMG! YES, "we" caught your Ribbed for pleasure joke you snuck in there! What a HOOT!

    These are known as West Asian rolls in the Far East.

    Thr syrian as well have a lovely verging of the grape leave: Dolma. Specialy the Halbies vergin of it.

    Hi this is similar to a traditional Lebanese recepies but the Lebanese put sliceses of meet between the Grape Leaf and in my house and comunity we serve it with row garlic, cucumber and fresh mint. It is the north Lebanon way of seving it.

    "Not ribbed for anyone's pleasure"…LOL!

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